An analysis of perceptions towards the UK CRC and its impacts

Executives participating in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme are divided on the effectiveness of the scheme and the extent to which it should be reformed.

That is the core conclusion of our online survey in conjunction with BusinessGreen and GlobalActionPlan of over 100 executives responsible for their organisation’s compliance with the CRC, which revealed that the scheme:

  • has managed to raise executive-level awareness of environmental issues
  • has led to improved emissions reporting
  • has driven investment in energy efficiency measures that have returned cost savings 

Download WhitepaperThe survey further exposes that the scheme imposes too heavy an administrative burden and that league tables have had little-to-no impact on driving action.

Find out how the results of this survey and the insight of the respondents are shaping recommendations for policymakers reforms by downloading the whitepaper: “What next for the Carbon Reduction Commitment”.