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CDP Reporting Software

CloudApps’ CDP Reporting Software delivers rapid results:

  • Automate your CDP disclosure reporting, dramatically reducing the time required to compile your CDP reports
  • Utilise up-to-date CDP reporting guidelines and templates
  • Automatically group your emissions data into the scope groupings required by CDP
  • CDP verified solution ensuring calculations are trusted and accurate
  • Equipped with comprehensive management analytics & reports
  • Rapidly collate all environmental source data into one repository and automate all your reporting (e.g. GRI, CRC)
  • Always up-to-date with the latest conversion factors
  • A low-cost, rapid-start solution allows your resources to remain focused on core business activities
CDP reporting software

Open QuotesCloudApps supports companies’ carbon-reduction goals and we are delighted to recommend its sustainability reporting software solution which takes a structured, automated approach to the reduction of carbon emissions.Close Quotes

— Joanna Lee, Chief Partnership Officer, CDP

CDP Reporting & Disclosures Features

  • Comprehensive Sustainability Management: Covering Environmental, Social & Economic Inputs

  • Easy-to-Use, Future-Proofed Platform

  • Insight Through Sustainability Analytics & Reports

  • Automated Disclosure Reporting

  • Sustainability Initiative Program Management

  • Secure, Scalable, Trusted Delivery Platform

Data Loading & Integration : Easy as 1-2-3

One of the first requirements of an enterprise platform is to offer strong data loading and integration solutions. The CloudApps platform provides multiple mechanisms, allowing you to be up and running in a matter of days.

CloudApps integration is as easy as 1-2-3