CDP’s Climate Change A-List revealed

Tesco joins Sainsbury’s & TUI Group as CloudApps’ UK customers on revered report.

CDP have released this year’s Climate Change A-List – a report highlighting global companies who have undertaken necessary actions to mitigate climate change.

The report establishes the baseline for corporate action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In order to achieve “A-list” status, the verification of both Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (reported in CC8.6a and CC8.7a respectively) is mandatory, in addition, to a reduction in GHG emissions.

It is with great pride that we announce that three of the sixteen UK companies listed on the report are CloudApps customers – Sainsbury’s, TUI Group and now Tesco are all listed as companies making important changes to fight climate change.

Environmental Leader reported that UK retailer, Sainsbury’s, reduced its emissions by 22 percent while increasing revenue by 18 percent between 2011-2016. The company accomplished this by introducing low-carbon energy technology at stores and depots, as well as liquid natural gas and liquid bio-methane in its dual-fuel vehicle fleet.

In the consumer staples section, Tesco PLC has cut the cost of reporting by 17 per cent, while also freeing up significant amounts of time that have allowed the company’s sustainability team to focus on projects to cut carbon, rather than just measure it.

In the consumer discretionary section, TUI Group has deployed CloudApps Sustainability Cloud to help underpin complex environmental data gathering, meet multiple carbon reporting requirements, and make significant efficiency savings.

CloudApps aids with the arduous task of collecting and reporting on this data by offering automated tools that alleviate the time and effort the gathering of this granular process would have on businesses.

CloudApps does this in 3 ways:

  • CloudApps innovative technology supports the “Easycapture” of all Scope 1 and 2 (and optionally Scope 3) data sources across the enterprise. CloudApps powerful calculation engine automatically applies the correct emission factors to calculate accurate CO2e figures in each of the sections above.
  • CloudApps proactively manages goals and initiatives associated with a reduction of GHG emissions and offering detailed analytical insight into the underlying data.
  • With CloudApps, both Scope 2 Location and Market-Based emissions data can be included in CDP Disclosure Reports. Although Market-based emissions are not currently scored by CDP, most CloudApps clients are taking advantage as early adopters of this best practice.

Future reports over the next five years will track companies’ climate progress including emissions reductions, science-based targets, use of internal carbon prices and the uptake of renewable energy. We hope to continue to support businesses in their journey towards more sustainable processes.

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