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Meeting statutory requirements is only one part of your organisation’s EHS & sustainability journey. A well thought-out management plan can hugely benefit your business as it minimises operational liabilities, improves corporate identity and image, allows you to meet customer demands and gives your business a renewed competitive advantage.

Predict and prevent risks with a wide range of flexible tools that expand your capabilities across all EHS & sustainability requirements and ensure your company is ready to effectively comply with regulations. Gather your data once and report your sustainability metrics with confidence to CDP, GRI and many others.

1.  Report

CloudApps provides a central and secure location where you can record your major and minor incidents and sustainability data in a consistent and effective way. EHS incidents will likely be recorded differently in your operational systems, depending on region and locale, CloudApps allows consolidation of this information providing a single version of the truth.

This fully mobile solution allows you to capture EHS & sustainability details quickly and easily direct from source, giving you access to reliable and consistent information at any time.

The reputation of your enterprise relies on accurate and timely data recording and reporting. Tracking in this way allows for immediate remedial action, prevention of repetition in the future and a reduction in consumption of natural resources.

2.  Analyse

Our team is ready to help you craft your own detailed analysis that will help you identify hot spots, gaps, trends and leaks in the data, providing the clarity you need to produce actionable insight.

The CloudApps solution makes analysis simple with easy to use and fully customisable reports and dashboard templates.

Review data at the click of a button and design your own control dashboards so you can effectively confirm that policies and practices are being met across your entire organisation.

3.  Act

The CloudApps solution allows EHS & sustainability performance to be viewed in real time, allowing you to evolve your strategy as you gain new insight. The knowledge gained can help you set new and improved business goals and mitigate risk.

More than just reporting, CloudApps solutions give you the power to engage and motivate your employees. Our innovative platform, SuMo, brings the power of gamification to your team, encouraging them to complete training, reduce waste and accelerate your EHS & sustainability initiatives.

Knowledge gained from detailed analyses can be used to set realistic targets. Readily manage initiatives, such as training programmes, to meet specific goals. Meet stakeholders’ desire to see constantly improving performance over time.

Key Benefits

  • Easily gather and consolidate data into one source of truth
  • Access from anywhere and engage everyone with Mobile, Social and Smart capabilities
  • Report to multiple bodies from one source (including templates for CDP, GRI and others)
  • Analyse, track and improve EHS&S performance in real-time
  • Motivate employees to engage and accelerate EHS&S initiatives
  • Audit friendly, everything in one place

But that’s not everything CloudApps can do

Talk to us because our product can easily be shaped to meet your precise needs

We understand that every organisation is unique and we know you will be no different. Your needs will be specific to the way you conduct your business. Because of this, CloudApps has been deliberately built on top of the market leading cloud development platform by

This means that the application we deliver (as well as being highly secure and scalable) is also extremely flexible and can quickly be turned to meet your exacting requirements, whatever they may be. So please go ahead and challenge us, because we are sure that our product can be shaped to meet your precise needs.

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