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Modern organisations no longer see energy & carbon management as a mere compliance step. Increasingly, businesses are seeing it as a forecasting activity. Only by building a clear picture into our company’s footprint, can we take the steps needed to bring down emissions and minimise energy costs.

1.  Report

Evaluate and manage your energy & carbon performance with confidence using CloudApps. Our automated and secure solution offers peace of mind and saves on reporting time and resources so you can concentrate on reducing emissions.

Accredited annually by CDP & GRI, reporting to these bodies comes at the simple press of a button. Your reports will be automatically created and will conform to the latest reporting standards, bringing complete trust in the output generated.

The flexibility and power of the CloudApps platform frees you from the worry that today’s disclosure report will be different from tomorrow’s. CloudApps helps strengthen your reporting process, making it as efficient as possible.

2.  Analyse

Easily convert your energy consumption into emissions data with CloudApps pre-built and always up-to-date library of emission factors, saving you countless hours of data crunching.

Manage and improve your energy reduction initiatives by taking advantage of our expandable platform that allows you to discover trends, hot spots and leaks.

For example, the CloudApps solution will quickly highlight opportunities for efficiency gains by bringing energy consumption data together with its associated cost.

3.  Act

By learning more about your performance you can set new and improved business goals that result in a reduction in cost and consumption.

Implement an energy reduction culture and receive backing from stakeholders and your employees with SuMo by CloudApps. Engage your entire team in sustainable initiatives with our gamified application that enables you to set individual reduction targets through challenges, rewarding those team members who best back your energy goals.

Spark your team to take action and deliver a continuous improvement in performance, year on year.

Key Benefits

  • Capture energy data using a mobile device, through direct integration to smart meters and via automated questionnaires
  • Accurately calculate, report and manage your energy impact
  • Identify cost savings by bringing energy consumption data together with energy spend
  • Save significant time & resources with an automatically updated emission factor database
  • Use insight gained to manage and improve energy reduction targets and initiatives
  • Motivate a proactive carbon reduction culture across all employees

But that’s not everything CloudApps can do

Talk to us because our product can easily be shaped to meet your precise needs

We understand that every organisation is unique and we know you will be no different. Your needs will be specific to the way you conduct your business. Because of this, CloudApps has been deliberately built on top of the market leading cloud development platform by

This means that the application we deliver (as well as being highly secure and scalable) is also extremely flexible and can quickly be turned to meet your exacting requirements, whatever they may be. So please go ahead and challenge us, because we are sure that our product can be shaped to meet your precise needs.

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